Friday, August 10, 2007

"Every time old girl China gets a new toy, the western media (and activists) just want to shit all over it."

Thoughts on the Olympic Screw-Ups and Death of Hong Kong

Before China got back Hong Kong, the Fortune magazine ran a long article with the title "the Death of Hong Kong". The conclusion was straightforward and indisputable: "it's over." At that time I wondered in my youthful naiveté how on earth the writer could have known it even before it happened. Now I realize that he did not know it, he just wanted it to happen really badly. Sometimes I can't help wondering in how many Westerners' bosoms this poisonous flame of ill-wishing is burning rampantly. For Hong Kong's death, they must have waited and waited, prayed and prayed, for ten years. Sometimes some Westerners want bad things to happen to good old China so badly, they mix up their daydreaming, fantasy and wishful thinking with the reality on the ground. I am sure some Westerners care about China's downfall so much that they have a voodoo doll in the likeliness of old girl China, with sharp steel needles stuck into every sensitive part of her. Ten years after Hong Kong's return, the same magazine ran a tiny article with the title "Oops, Hong Kong is not quite dead" or something like that, grudgingly listing the city's signs of life and lack of morbidity. What a letdown and disappointment, what a waste of all the waiting, wishing, fantasizing and praying. These are the little moments that one feels life is pretty darn good as a Chinese. I read somewhere the author of the Hong Kong' premature obituary died himself before the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong's return. It is hard to hold back a cruel smile when you realize that Mr. Death-to-Hong-Kong's corpse is rotting in the grave, while old girl China is still marching on, holding Hong Kong by the hand. Cruelty and mean spirit taste just sweet, sometimes, I mean.

When China got another toy, the Olympics, of course the Western Media (and activists) must try to shit all over it. What else would you expect; they are a bunch of assholes. I refer you to the animated movie "Team America - World Police" for a graphic analysis of personality types through eyes of the Americans. "There are three types of people in the world, pussies, dicks and assholes. Pussies hate dicks because dicks fuck pussies. Assholes stink; they just want to shit over everything. I have decided to become a dick, because dicks fuck assholes too." (not exact quote, please check original source for accuracy) Only Uncle Sam can have such penetrating insight into the logic of the scoundrels. (I hasten to add that Uncle Sam also knows a thing or two that are not so crass, but quite refined and tasteful.)With this understanding, old girl China should enjoy watching the Western media bitching about her. It is her success that drives them nuts, throws them into tantrums (1); they just cannot stand watching China get anything. Day and night they pray that China's new toy will turn into a bitch and bite off all her fingers. I say to China, enjoy the Olympics, have a good time with it. It's your toy and you deserve every bit of it. Let them cry their eyes out (wink wink).

Now the more serious stuff, sometimes I feel China is in a similar position as me when I first moved to the US. You have chosen to play other people's game, in their culture, using their language, by their rules, some of which are implicit and may not be entirely clear to you at any give moment. Can you beat the natives at their game? Do you have the stuff to make it here? People are watching you and judging you all the time. Now I realize as a nation and culture, China is in a different position from me as an individual. China does not have to play anybody else's game, unless she chooses to. China can play her own game and set her own rules. She should definitely do so as long as she can get away with it.

One thing is common between a nation and an individual though: make sure you play the game and enjoy it. Those who bitch about you will bitch about you forever. That's the only thing they are good at. If you stop enjoying your game when there are losers bitching, then what's the point of playing? In fact you don’t have to worry about those who bitch a lot; these people are always annoying but rarely dangerous, because they are useless. The creatures you really need to watch out are those that never make a sound, never bare their teeth, until that precise moment comes.

Here I wouldn't mind sharing with you a piece of wisdom I have gained through quite some life experiences. This principle is true for people from all the places in the world I have visited, which are many by most standards. The best way of explaining the wisdom is by telling a little story, a practice I enjoy immensely. In my first year in college, I got a bad tooth ache and turned myself in at the Army Hospital a few blocks from school, which was just a few big Beijing blocks from my high school. The Army doctor who treated me looked even younger than I was. I thought she looked like a country girl, because of her round and ruddy face, and wondered whether she was too simple for the sophisticated medical procedure I was seeking. I began to appreciate her work immediately after she got started. My wisdom tooth went bad and had to be taken out. Her quiet, nurturing warmth kept me calm when she inserted the needle into the back of my mouth to numb up the area of the surgery. She spent quite sometime searching for that sweet spot with the needle in my flesh, telling me that if not done properly, I would have swelling when I get back home. I have been a needle freak all my life. But that time I felt ok. While waiting for my mouth to get really numb, she chatted with me, noticing my fearful fidgeting. She told me that the wisdom teeth were totally useless and don’t do anything for you, but are more likely to give you problems than any other tooth in the mouth. She said "Teeth are just like people, the more useless they are, the more annoyance they give you. Let's get rid of this one and we will all be better off" I hope you get the wisdom. (Those foreign activists who are trying everything possible to spoil the well-deserved fun of our old girl China, I particularly hope you will get the wisdom.)

I have always been dubious about this Olympics thing in my hometown. But old girl China seems to want it so bad. Well, let's have the Olympics then, just to piss off some useless loser Western Media and activists.

Is He Dead or Alive?
I mean the author of the ill-fated Hong Kong obituary in the Fortune Magazine. I read somewhere he passed away before the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China. But then a friend told me he is still well and alive. Well, if my friend is right, welcome back to life, Mr. Death-to-Hong-Kong. The race is back on. Let's see who dies first, you or Hong Kong. Who will out-live who? Pray take good care of yourself. The Chinese (at least this one) want you to stick around. The longer you live, the more the fun. Viva, whatever your name is. Viva to you too Fortune magazine. You are welcome to the race to longevity too.


Anonymous said...

"When China got another toy, the Olympics, of course the Western Media must try to shit all over it. What else would you expect; they are a bunch of assholes."


Anluo Chen said...

Prejudice is always everywhere, especially when trans-culturally. I tend to ignore some stupid comments my American fellows cast. It would be too much troubles to explain and made them understand, and I am too lazy to do so.

边想边瞧 said...

I sometimes feel the same way. I am putting down my understandings of the cultural contact with China and the rest of the world so I can systematically review them myself and compare notes with others, both foreign and Chinese. Understanding is achieved through exchange, give and take between people with different points of view.

边想边瞧 said...


You might be right. The Olympics is a collective activities with all the countries in the world participating. China's priviledge to host the event is granted by the participants' votes in the slection process.
Now I notice that to say the Olympics is China's own toy may be inaccurate. But the Olympics is not my main point. My main point was China needs to figure out its position in the world and the position it wants to take in the world. You can deal with criticism from mean spirited people only if you know where you stand, and where you want to stand.

How to deal with criticism is always a hard issue to figure out. Let's keep thinking about it.